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2018 Ford Focus Hatchback, Improved Body

Posted: May 9, 2016 at 10:02 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Since its inception in the year 2000, Ford Focus has undergone a series of improvements with every generation coming with new upgrades. Though there is not much information on the 2018 Ford Focus, a test mule is showcasing some of the things we can expect to see. It goes without saying that it will have a longer, wider and generally bigger body than its predecessors because its main rivals like the Civic and Chevrolet compact are more spacious. An extremely defined line running along its length and another one from the roof to the wheel arch are just some of the new things seen on the vehicle. Though Ford is available in sedan, wagon and hatchback the 2018 Ford Focus is mainly hatchback and it promises great performance and better design.

2018 Ford Focus front view

2018 Ford Focus – Improved Body and Interior:

The 2018 Ford Focus may look a little bigger but its made with a very light material for speed. However, it will be very sturdy thanks to the automatic balancing system. The roof is featuring a very beautiful spoiler while the front bumper is looking more elegant and stylish. A four-wheel drive system is being installed to handle any terrain and this will be enhanced by the huge wheels they are putting in . Also looking different are the windshield and the rims that add class to this compact vehicle.

The interior of the Focus Ford aims at making the family very comfortable with the high-class leather upholstery on the seats and every gadget possible. There are safety belts and airbags on every seat to ensure the whole family is safe while traveling. There seems to be more head and leg space and a bigger boot to correct the complaints of the 2015 model.

2018 Ford Focus interior

2018 Ford Focus – Engine and Fuel Economy:

While Ford has been very faithful to diesel engines, the new Ford Focus is rumored to run with their new Eco boost petrol engine. It is not clear what Ford is planning but there are three options expected here. The first option is a four-cylinder 2.0 liter that will be producing 160 hp and 145 lb-ft of torque. It’s a five-speed manual transmission that transfers power to all four wheels. The accelerating speed from 0 to 60 mph will be in 7,9 sec, with a top speed of 121 mph.

The second option is a 1.0 liter that produces 123 hp and 125 lb-ft of torque moving on a six-speed transmission. This is aiming at better fuel economy for the users at 32 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway.

2018 Ford Focus rear view

2018 Ford Focus – Date of Arrival and Price:

With all the new technological upgrades, the price is expected to go up to a starting price of 18,500 dollars and 24,000 depending on the type. There is no official release date announced but experts predict we can see the 2018 Ford Focus in the mid-2018.

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