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Bronco, Full-size SUV

2018 Ford Bronco Redesign, Date of Launch

Posted: March 30, 2016 at 8:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Many car enthusiasts have been blown away when the famous American vehicle brand, Ford has announced the 2018 Ford Bronco concept. The model first appeared in 1966, and the production had to stop. But recently, the carmaker seems to have decided to bring it to the contemporary standards of the 21st century. In other words, their new toy will experience multiple improvements, both engine related and design. While the car is expected to take on the minimalist appearance, the performance will significantly exceed the one of the last model. 2018 Ford Bronco should be on the automobile market starting with 2018.

2018 Ford Bronco front

2018 Ford Bronco – New Features:

The hood of the new vehicle is said to be made out aluminum, mostly, but other materials will also be used to ensure that the car will be lighter for better performance. 2018 Ford Bronco will have multiple color variants, including black, silver, and maroon. Although information regarding the design is relatively vague, as the car manufacturer has not officially announced this vehicle, it is clearly observable that both the rear and the front will be modified. They will look more dynamic, aggressive, and ready to take over the rocky roads as well as other types of rough terrain.

The inside of the 2018 Ford Bronco will also be enhanced. While the car will keep its sporty and slightly elegant looks, it will become more spacious and comfortable than the previous model. The seats will be covered in fine leather, as usual, and they will be enough to carry five passengers. While other components will use the gray color, the steering reel and the board will use varnished wood to allow the driver the much-needed ease of control while cruising in this gorgeous SUV. The car has many new functions available. The facilities include better navigation, security system, and home entertainment. Regarding entertaining, passengers will be able to take advantage of the improved GPS, media player, and radio tools.

2018 Ford Bronco interior

2018 Ford Bronco – Engine Offerings:

The new Ford Bronco will have two choices when it comes to the engine – either V6 or V8. At the same time, the former will bring out two more options – 2.7-liter or 3.5-liter engine. Buyers can choose an engine depending on what they need. However, the best one for this vehicle is the V8 with 5.0-L capacity, which will be able to deliver a maximum of 361 horsepower and 400-pound feet of torque. Plus, all the engines are expected to be coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Although, again, the manufacturers haven’t announced anything, people speculate that the new 2018 Ford Bronco will be in competition with the Jeep Wrangler when it comes to performance.

2018 Ford Bronco side

2018 Ford Bronco – Date of Launch and Predicted Price:

The 2018 model of Bronco Ford has little and vague information about specs, design, and enhancements. The release date is clearly uncertain, but car enthusiasts should expect to see it on the market in 2018 if Ford officially approves the construction of this concept. The price is, at the same time, unknown, but by looking at the current specs, it should start at around $35,000.

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