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2017 Ford Ranger Diesel

Posted: December 1, 2015 at 9:03 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The new 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel is one of the most awaited pickup car models in the global market. It has a unique design with modern technology that is giving the users an enjoyable experience. It has a more fuel economy and less environment pollution. It is coming up in various colors giving the buyers a wider range of colors from which to choose. The car has fantastic features that improve the security of both the driver and the passengers on board. The experience with the car is the best.

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel front

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel – Interior and Exterior Features

The 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel model has a great interior that provides not only comfort to the users but also comfort and entertainment while driving. It has a spacious cabin that ensures comfort to the users together with luxurious seats made with Nappa leather and soft materials. The car model has a maximum seating capacity of seven passengers. The car has infotainment features that keep the users from getting bored while driving. It will be having multiple airbags, cruise controls, stability controls and anti-lock braking system that are ensuring maximum security during the driving experience. The vehicle is also having a panic alarm, keyless entry, and a rear viewing camera. It will be having Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning, satellite navigation and an audio system.

The exterior is well-developed to bring out an attractive design that is creating a greater interest in the 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel model. Its surface is designed with aluminum combo and steel of high strength to ensure weight that is optimum for its performance and fuel economy. It is having a bolder front bumper, fog lights and LED lights. The vehicles luxury is boosted by it having fifteen-inch alloy wheels. It will also be having flashes of high quality on the tail. It will be having four doors and a large cargo area. The vehicles towing capacity is 3000 pounds. Its wheels allow it to be driven on difficult terrain and in harsh weather condition.

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel interior

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel – Power-train and Performance

The 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel model is having one of the strongest and efficient performing engines that are enabling this car to be fuel economical as well providing a great driving experience. It will have a two engine option. One engine will be a 2.4L four-cylinder engine that will produce a two hundred and forty horsepower and use 270 lb-ft torque. The second engine will be of 2.3L four cylinder engine, producing 285 horsepower and torque of about 350 lb-ft. The second engine will be an Eco Boost one and having turbocharging. The 2017 Ford Ranger Diesel model will have a reduced fuel consumption of 21 mpg in city and 30 mpg on highways. Its engine is four-wheel drive that is making it more efficient in severe weather conditions and terrain.

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel rear

2017 Ford Ranger Diesel – Price and Release Dates

The new Ford Ranger Diesel model is coming into the global market in the year 2017 when it will be in its peak season. The price of this new model is not yet known, but it is expected to have prices with only a few differences when compared to those of the current models.

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