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2017 Ford Evos Review

Posted: November 23, 2015 at 9:14 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The 2017 Ford Evos is one of the most stylish cars in the global market. It is a vehicle of class on the road and makes one look gorgeous. Built in modern technology, the car model is providing a great experience globally. It is equipped with entertainment facilities together with many advanced special features to ensure comfort and enjoy the ability to the users. The car is also allowing users to experience a comfortable driving all through. The model is sure among the best globally.

2017 Ford Evos front view

2017 Ford Evos – Design and Features

The interior is one of its kinds. Equipped with special features, it’s bringing the best advantages to the users. The cockpit of the model is the driver providing him a greater experience as they drive. It is having a beautiful red driver’s seat and two passenger’s seats at the rear. The sports seats in it are adjustable providing comfort to the users. The seats are ensuring the driver’s wellness by monitoring heart rates of the drivers.

The 2017 Ford Evos is having an allergy free interior with air filtration system and air quality sensors, encouraging driving by those who are allergic. The vehicle has touch screen displays for the driver’s interactions. It has a high-definition radio, Bluetooth connectivity, smart phone connectivity, USB power ports, a charging system, GPS, a navigation system and rear-seat entertainment system. The car self-adjusts its temperature to the required levels and can connect wirelessly to the home where it can close garage door as well as switching off the lights automatically. It also has a cloud connectivity where it access owner information.

It has warnings on lane departures, front collision warning, and an automatic braking. It has a cargo space that allows transportation of small amounts of passenger luggage. It also has airbags that protect the driver and passengers in case of an accident.

The 2017 Ford Evos exterior is very attracting and of style such that one would like to run their hands over. They are having a polished surface and are having a LED rendered headlights that design is in a stylish way to give a great design. Its sleek design allows for better aerodynamics that makes the car movements smooth and efficient. It has a rapid rescue, six-sided grille, and slim roofline.

2017 Ford Evos interior

2017 Ford Evos – Power train Options

The 2017 Ford Evos is having one of the best engine performances in the car industry and is fuel economical. The vehicle is using a 5.2 L fuel flat-plane V-8 engine with an output of 526 horsepower and 429 pounds of torque. It is having a six-speed automatic transmission that makes driving less tedious to the driver. It has 8,200 revolutions per minute. The car has reduced carbon dioxide emission as well as fuel consumption compared to its predecessors. 2017 Ford Evos offers a driving range of eight hundred kilometers using battery and engine. Its power split architecture allows the petrol engine to work together with the electric engine or separately to ensure maximum efficiency.

2017 Ford Evos rear

2017 Ford Evos – Price and Availability

The 2017 Ford Evos will be released to the global market on 2017 when it will be in its peak season.The details concerning the price of this car are not yet known because this is a concept car.

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