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Transit Connect Wagon

2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon

Posted: November 3, 2015 at 10:00 am   /   by   /   comments (4)

The 2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon arrival is expected in the last quarter of 2016. This van is ideal and practical in performance with good fuel efficiency. It will arrive in two versions to support five and seven passengers consecutively.

2015 Transit Connect Wagon

2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon – Design, Specs

This model will arrive with refreshed exterior design than its previous model. The front end of this model will possess LED lights, modified bumpers, Xenon lights and new grille. The grill will possess numerous holes or meshes to accommodate proper ventilation of air. The overall size of vehicle will offer some changes. One variant of this model will be larger in size to accommodate more passenger seats. Another version will have a small cabin and capacity for five passengers. The wheel size will be 16 inches. We can expect the different wheel size for its premium version around 17 inches. The premium version will also enjoy a special bumper in black color. The rear end of 2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon will show a wide range of features like rear view camera, bumper and windscreen.

The interior cabin of this model will be similar to a big family car. It will offer great options like seven seats for passengers. Another version will offer five passenger seats. The seats will offer lateral support and optimum level of comfort. There will be sufficient place for legs, head and arms. The passengers will have a best riding experience in this model. The ample space is also available for cargo or storage purpose. It is also possible to increase the cargo space after folding of rear seats. The leather seats and floor cover will create comfy interior environment for passengers. The dashboard will not experience numerous changes expect LCD and new keypad. The speakers, stereo, FM, MP3 and radio will offer good level of entertainment for passengers. The 2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon will also possess central air conditioner to keep the interior temperature cool. The presence of USB ports, hangers and storage box will facilitate the passengers.

2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon interior

2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon – Powertrain

It is reported that this model will possess two engine options. The first engine will show the features like 2.5 liter engine with 170 horsepower output. The value of torque will be around 200 lb/ft. It will feature six speed automatic transmission systems. It will also possess the latest shifting mode technology. Another engine will feature 1.6 liter with 180 horsepower output. This engine will also generate the good value of torque around the 220 lb/ft. The automatic gearbox is also expected in 2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon.

Fuel economy:

The fuel economy of this model is around 27 mpg. The fuel economy of other engine will be 35 mpg.

Safety equipment and competition:

This model will possess advanced safety options like cruise control, alarms, seat belts and parking sensors. It may also offer line control, power brakes, camera and interior locks.

2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon rear view

2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon – Price and Release

The starting price of 2017 Ford Transit Connect Wagon is 23,000 dollars. We can expect higher price for the premium model. The release date is the mid quarter of 2016.

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Comments (4)

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  • March 3, 2016 at 11:55 am joestrausbaugh

    I would like more info on the 2017 Ford Transit Connect, as it becomes available. We plan on purchasing a new vehicle soon.

    Thank You,
    Joe Strausbaugh
    14640 se 175th st.
    Weirsdale Fl. 32195

  • March 15, 2016 at 1:13 pm Kevin Lane

    The Ford Transit Connect Wagon screams for All Wheel Drive. Why do you not hear its cries?

    Kevin Lane
    237 Main Street, Suite 840
    Buffalo NY 14203

  • March 15, 2016 at 7:25 pm Craig

    This vehicle does not accommdate 6′ drivers with the seat in highest elevation, so your arms need be folded at the elbows 90 degrees to drive comfortably. Second, the brake pedal and accelerator pedal are too close together for guys with size 11 shoes, especially in winter wearing rubber boots. There is no reason this vehicle cannot have a seat with as much front and back travel, and adequate room to separate the brake and gas pedals as all German cars have for any of their vehicles. I would also appreciate a more business like dash, like the 2007 or 2011 Escape, models instead of the kind of teen-age boom box radio style dash

  • April 11, 2016 at 9:05 pm Pat Kolakowski

    Please have a Titanium version on the short wheelbase and add a power lift back and a great stereo with a large touchscreen. I have a 2014 Escape Titanium and would like a similar equipped Transit connect wagon. Also a sunroof that opens would be nice.