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2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway

Posted: October 30, 2015 at 10:45 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The E-series is one of the best profit-making trucks from top American auto company – Ford Motor Company. This series has successfully passed 25 years in the field and is now going to introduce novel standards for the marketable vehicles business by its undeniably astonishing shape & excellence.Today, Ford is going to improve the E-series. It also provides an improved exterior scheme along with an enhanced performance & efficient utilization of fuel than compared to previous generations. The new model will be 2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway with marvelous modifications and improvements.

2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway front view

2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway – Design, Features, and Specs:

The new design will be based on the commercial requirements. Ford will make it more attractive by bringing some considerable changes in the structure. In order to make it more impressive, Ford will use aluminum with steel. Aluminum will ensure low weight structure while steel will give durability.

2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway exterior features are totally new. Ford has created the new model according to increasing demand of E-series. The new model will be lighter in weight with improved aerodynamics. Special aerodynamics have been designed to control speed and power. Tires are 18 inches with excellent road capturing performance. Rims are 100 % aluminum based with modern style. The grill makes it a perfect truck. It has got a new grille shape typically used for the big truck (Bedford). The headlights have been improved and doubled. LED technology is present for better night vision. The bonnet is typically Ford based with two upraised margins on lateral sides.

The 2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway interior is equipped with luxury features. No doubt, it is a commercial truck but it has been made ideal for the long drive with comfort. Drivers will enjoy a spacious cabin decorated with adjustable seats and leather covers. The power steering is simple while the dashboard provides access to multiple functions. A new gearbox, two speedometers, 3 front air intake panels and satellite radio is present. This vehicle contains automatic environment settings, weather updates, and modern connectivity options. USB, Bluetooth, and smartphone connector are present.

2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway interior

2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway – Engine Options:

The Ford will produce three levels of 2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway. These levels are Platinum, Voyage sport, and XTL. First two levels have Eco-Boost Twin-Turbocharged V-6 type engine with 3.5 liters fuel capacity. This will produce 365 hp and 350 lb-ft torque. The second engine will be for XTL. It is V-6 with 3.5 liters to produce 290 hp. This four-wheel drive will provide optional front wheel drive facility.

Fuel economy:

The 2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway will cover 28 miles per gallon as an average in city and highway.

Safety and competition:

The new Ford E-Series Cutaway is equipped with automatic door locks, anti-theft alarms, anti-lock brakes, improved chassis, and airbags. Chevrolet Express, Ram Pro-Master, and Nissan will be strong competitors for it.

2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway side

2017 Ford E-Series Cutaway – Release Date and Price:

There is no information about the basic cost/price of newFord E-Series Cutaway. Ford will present this commercial truck in USA, Canada, China, UK, and Italy. There are rumors that it will appear after July 2017 in Denver auto show.

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