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2017 Ford GT-40 Price, Specs

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It is a reality that you cannot purchase 2017 Ford GT-40, but if you start saving from right now, then more probably you will buy it after few years. Ford has been working on this GT-40 model that will be a sport car with racing ability and a title of Powertrain. Its Turbo Engine is twin V6 that may produce more than 600 horsepower output which is a stunning productivity ever by any car. Engine specs, interior design, stylish external look and performance of GT 40 arrest the attention of Ford fans in the world.2017 Ford GT-40 front view

2017 Ford GT-40 – Interior and Exterior Design:

Design of the car is totally racing automotive with a small cabin that is little in space. This two passenger car has a wider font and flatter rear portion. Under the hood, there are many advance functions and automated systems to enhance the safety, usefulness and performance of the smart looking prototype racer. Internally, this racer has automatic climate control and exhaust systems. 2017 Ford GT-40 also has LCD display and stereo sound system for the entertainment. Safety airbags and seat belts cover travelers in some collisions.

Features & Specs:

2017 Ford GT-40 has best recreation systems and devices for travelers; however the capacity of this racer is just two passengers. There is not sufficient space between the seats, but safety measures are good and satisfactory for travelers. Engine of the car is 3.5 liter twin-Turbocharged EcoBoost that gives almost 600+ horsepower output. Inside the small and flat cabin you can use leather wrapped steering wheel with various functions, exhaust and climate control systems. Headlights and rear lights are LED that glitter intensively. Engine of the racer is supported with 7-speed dual clutch automated transmission that plays a vital part to improve performance on highways. It has carbon ceramic brakes and emergency braking system that control the car in some collisions.

2017 Ford GT-40 interior

2017 Ford GT-40 – Engine Options:

Engine used in 2017 Ford GT-40 is of 3.5 liter V6 Turbo that promises to produce more than 600 horsepower output. This engine unit is fully aerodynamic, carbon fiber constructed and the latest body panel. The manual for this car is not available, but it is supported with double clutch seven speed automatic gearbox that delivers the power to rear wheels.

Fuel Economy:

It is being expected that 2017 Ford GT-40 will give a mileage up to 12-13 mpg inside the city where traffic will be greater. But, this performance will reach to 19 mpg on highways.

Safety & Competition:

Being a racing car, the new Ford GT-40 has advance safety systems like seat belts, warning devices, protection airbags and pre-collision alarms fixed inside the flatter cabin. It will be a tough rival of Ferrari M458-T, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, McLaren 650S, Lamborghini Hurricane and Chevy.

2017 Ford GT-40 rear view

2017 Ford GT-40 – Release Date and Price:

Initial market price of new Ford GT-40 will be $200,000 that is the extreme cost of any Ford model ever in auto market. This car has a sport shape with amazing style and many outstanding technical parts. It will be launched by the February 2017.

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