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2017 Lincoln Navigator Price, Specs

Posted: October 13, 2015 at 10:53 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will hit the market by 2017 with updated features. It is announced that this model will have technical improvements and innovations. It will also offer reduction in body weight due to incorporation of aluminium in the body.

2017 Lincoln Navigator FRONT VIEW

2017 Lincoln Navigator – Changes, updates and design:

On the basis of history of Lincoln Company we can predict that upcoming model will possess technical features. It would be a luxury model similar to previous models of this company. Company has decided to use aluminium material in the body of this model as replacement of steel. The steel is stronger than aluminium but company is looking to reduce the weight of vehicle. The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will show great improvement in the fuel economy due to its lower weight. We can expect that weight of vehicle will reduce up to 700 pounds to make the upcoming vehicle economical in fuel consumption. The exterior style of this model will look great and stylish. The advanced technology will help to attract more customers.

The interior side of 2017 Lincoln Navigator will possess high quality material like leather and wood. The seats will enjoy great adjustment options and flexibility. The storage space will increase up to many folds. The floor, walls and roof of this model will possess new leather sheet. The interior space will offer several hangers, USB ports and new platform. We may also expect new dashboard, LCD, touch screen and keypad. The LCD will facilitate audio and video players. It will offer massive results. The changes in the stereo sound system are also possible in the upcoming model. The high quality air conditioner will help to enhance the interior environment and features of this vehicle. Due to reduction in the weight of body we can expect the great value of fuel economy. No more information is available about the interior end of this model because company didn’t reveal any kind of information yet. If you need accurate info about its interior, you must wait for the final release of this model.

2017 Lincoln Navigator interior

2017 Lincoln Navigator – Engine Features and Options:

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator will come with completely new engine features. It will possess 3.5 litre V6 engine. The current model of this generation possesses 5.4 litre engines with V8 option. The weight of engine will reduce up to many folds in the new model but the amount of power will remain same. The fuel economy will increase due to its lightweight. The new engine will also offer 10 speed automatic transmission system instead of current 6 speed power transmission. Some news also reports the presence of multiple engine options in the upcoming model.

Fuel economy:

According to available information, the fuel economy of this vehicle will be around 24 mpg.

Safety equipment and competition:

The list of competitors will include Kia K900, Cadillac CT6, BMW7 and Audi A8. The safety features will include air bags, seat belts and parking sensors.

2017 Lincoln Navigator side view

2017 Lincoln Navigator – Price and Release Date:

The price of 2017 Lincoln Navigator will be around 60,000 dollars. The possible release date is second quarter of 2016.

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