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2017 Ford Focus Electric Review

Posted: October 7, 2015 at 11:05 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Among other compact cars in the market, ford focus has been one of the best and highest selling in the market. The interesting thing you need to know about 2017 Ford Focus Electric is that it is built with top and luxury features yet offered at affordable and reasonable price. For that reason, if you are looking for compact car with top quality feature but do not have money to pay for that, this great vehicle will make your best choice.

2017 Ford Focus Electric front view

 2017 Ford Focus Electric – Design, Features and Specs:

Starting from the exterior to the interior of this vehicle, there are oodles of great and unique features that will make users comfortable and enjoyable throughout their ride with the vehicle. Outside this vehicle come wonderful and well upgraded features including high-tech headlights, quality and well designed front grille, and others. For the back of the 2017 Ford Focus Electric, there are also great and high-tech tail lights, rear bumper and others. The interior of this compact car is as well load with great and amazing features including, quality and leather seat options, quality infotainment systems, speakers, radio receivers, multimedia options, Bluetooth connectivity and others. In fact, users of this vehicle will have more to enjoy than this article can explain.

2017 Ford Focus Electric interior

2017 Ford Focus Electric – Engine Options:

This 2017 Ford Focus Electric is going to have all-electric power options and other wonderful engine choices for the users.  It is going to be all-electric without any need for oil or for the power. For that reason, users are going to enjoy great performance with this all-electric compact car engine. Other versions come with oodles of engine options like I-3 option with 1.0-liter offering 123 horsepower. The second engine option is going to be I-4option which features a 2.0-liter which capability to produce 159 horsepower and there is another 2.0-liter engine with ability to offer users 160 horses. These engines are malted with 5 and 6-speed automatic and manual transmission system. Really, users will enjoy great performance and wonderful functionality when they make this amazingly built compact car their best choice.

The engine option you selected for your 2017 Ford Focus Electric will determine the fuel economy you will enjoy. The electric engine version will give users 110 mpg as the fuel consumption economy. If you go for the gas engine, you are going to enjoy your ride for up to 29 mpg when you drive this vehicle within the city and 41 mpg when you take your ride to the highway. These are among the things that made this wonderful and graceful vehicle the best among other vehicles in the same category.

 Safety Features and Competition:

Your safety is will well assured when you make 2017 Ford Focus Electric your best choice. It is built with wonderful and high-tech safety and security features that will make users to enjoy great security and wonderful safety while on the go with the vehicle. Among the safety features you will enjoy include, Airbags, seat belts, traction control, parking assistant, stability control, antilock disk brake and lots more. There are going to be serious competition before this vehicle and other similar brands in the market when it will be released. The major competing brands to this vehicle are Chevy Volt and Nissan.

2017 Ford Focus Electric side view

2017 Ford Focus Electric-  Release Date and Price:

The 2017 Ford Focus Electric is anticipated to be available for the sales by end of 2016 or the early part of 2017. The car price will start from $25,000 and it may increase for the higher trim levels.

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