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2017 Ford Territory Release Date, Price

Posted: October 6, 2015 at 10:54 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

News reported that upcoming 2017 Ford Territory shall be a sophisticated, high performing and modern SUV. It will offer enjoyable driving experience and powerful engine. It will be a competitive model in the market because of its attractive and stylish design.

2017 Ford Territory front

2017 Ford Territory – Exterior and Interior Design

As compared the previous version, the upcoming vehicle will show abrupt changes and modifications. The front end of this vehicle will have sporty and aggressive look. The key feature of 2017 Ford Territory is that it will be made from durable and low weight material like carbon fibre, aluminium and high performing steel. The reduction in the weight of body will also enhance the fuel efficiency and top speed of this model. In order to reduce the centre of gravity, the company has decided to lower the height of vehicle. It will also have best driving dynamics and stable features. The presence of modified and new chrome plate will also increase the front end aggressiveness. We can also expect new grille, plate and bumper on the front end. The size of air vents will increase to facilitate the entrance of air into the engine or hood. The LED lights on front and rear end will also improve the driving experience during the night. The slanting roofing system and sharply ranked windscreen will also make some difference. Due to minimum air resistance, this vehicle will move faster. The 2017 Ford Territory will show the sporty look and design due to large alloy wheels and comfortable terrains.

The interior end will enjoy extra security, safety, convenience and comfort. The automatic system of windows and starting system will facilitate the convenience of passengers. The cabin will enjoy latest features and amenities. The dashboard will possess two LCD screens to offer more entertainment. The leather floor cover, seats and cushions will add the comfort of passengers. In order to regular the interior temperature, we can expect the presence of modern HVAC unit. It will keep the temperature at low level. The possible entertainment options of 2017 Ford Territory will include GPRS, Bluetooth, USB ports and smart phone. The built in Wi-Fi, MP3 and radio will also offer good entertainment features.

2017 Ford Territory interior

2017 Ford Territory – Engine and Performance

The presence of two engines is reported in this model. The first engine will generate 471 hp and second engine will produce 395 hp powers. The value of torque will be 477 and 405 respectively. We can expect 2.7 L diesel engine in the hood of 2017 Ford Territory. The four wheel drive system and 8 speed transmission system will also make the engine best. The presence of 8 speed transmission system is announced in this model.

The fuel economy is unknown but we can expect it around 26 mpg.

The safety features of new Ford Territory will include parking sensors, rear view mirror, airbags, seat belts and alarms. The main rival of this model is Toyota RAV4.

2017 Ford Territory side view

2017 Ford Territory – Price and Release Date

The new Ford Territory price will be around 50,000 dollars and release is possible in last quarter of 2016.

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