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2017 Ford Expedition Release Date, Price

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The cross-over vehicles are given more attention in the markets. Buyers are interested in driving the perfect cross over vehicles. Modern technologies and techniques have made these vehicles more attractive to the automobile experts and buyers. Nowadays, the cross over technology is getting more attention. Ford is a leader to use this technology with different options. This company has obtained an outstanding status in the production of high-speed vehicles.
The 2017 Ford Expedition will be the new experience for Ford’s fans.

 2017 Ford Expedition front view

 2017 Ford Expedition – Design, Features, and Specs

This time buyers will find an impressive design. Ford has planned to continue with the modern platforms. The platform of this vehicle is absolutely new. The manufacturer will give it a big try to reduce the weight of the structure. It will be made with aluminum and steel.

Exterior of the 2017 Ford Expedition vehicle is very attractive. The drivers will definitely find it perfect for the modern drive. The new exterior has been made according to the latest technologies. Ford has used to develop the aerodynamics. An improved version of aerodynamics is expected to reduce the air friction. The grille of new vehicle has three sections. Grille is large for the improved air intake. The tires are 18 inches with a modern road grip structure. The rims are aluminum based and attractive. Front is shaped because of a special bonnet. It has two upraised curves on each margin. The headlights and indicators are LED based. This will definitely give an amazing drive experience.

Interior settings are according to the latest demands. The drivers will find a spacious driving cabin with modern functions in 2017 Ford Expedition. There are a power steering, new gearbox, and a decent dashboard. Power steering has multiple features. Seats have been covered with leather upholstery. These are adjustable and perfect for 7 passengers. Interior environment adjustment, automatic weather updates, special drive view, satellite radio, GPS, GSM, and navigation is present. There are two speedometer, 10 speakers and a large touchscreen (8 inches) with HD display. USB, Bluetooth, Google maps and smart phone connectivity options are present.

2017 Ford Expedition interior

 2017 Ford Expedition – Engine Options

Ford has planned a modern and unique engine setup. For the 2017 Ford Expedition, it is thinking about a modern engine. However, the company has not announced any detail about the transmission, power horse, torque, suspension, engine type and fuel capacity.

No doubt, there is no update about the engine specs but it is expected that 2017 Ford Expedition will cover 20 miles per gallon in the city.

There are considerations that Ford will try to make it ideal for the fans. The new Ford Expedition will come with air bags, door locks, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft alarms and rear view camera. It will compete with the Toyota Highlander, Nissan Pathfinder, Hyundai Santa FE and GMC Sierra.

2017 Ford Expedition rear view

2017 Ford Expedition – Release Date and Price

There is no detail about the price of new Ford Expedition. Ford will launch it in the USA, UK, and Canada in the last months of 2017. New York Auto Show and Montreal Auto festival will be the venues for its introduction.

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