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Troller T4

2017 Ford Troller T4 Review

Posted: October 2, 2015 at 10:02 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

It is reported that Ford has decided to replace the previous Bronco model with its 2017 Ford Troller T4. This vehicle will replace the current model in the market. It will possess rubber wheels equal to 17 inches in size.

2017 Ford Troller T4 front view

2017 Ford Troller T4 – Design, Features and Specs:

The extra amount of stability will be offered by this model. The exterior design will resemble to Jeep Wrangler. On the basis of similar features, we can say that 2017 Ford Troller T4 is a copy of previous Bronco model. It has got bold cuts, sharp lines and modern look. The front end has features like LED lights, fog lights, rounded shape headlights and grille. The presence of fibre glass in the body of vehicle will also impart good features. The glass panes and wide fenders on the roof will also leave a long-lasting impression. We can expect the combination of different colours on the exterior end of this vehicle. It will give a new look and design to this model. The size of body will not change in the upcoming model. The rear end will also show the traditional and similar features of Bronco model.

When it comes to describe the 2017 Ford Troller T4 interior side, we will find some changes like steering wheel and dashboard. The ample space is available in the cabin for the legs and head. All kinds of high-tech and advanced gadgets like speakers, Bluetooth, WI-FI and FM will offer best comfort to passengers. The Company is also looking to add serious features like navigation, climate, radio and air conditioner. The dashboard will possess touch keypad, buttons and LCD. The interior cabin will also possess hangers, knobs, ports and USB system. The space is available for five passengers in the cabin of this model. The steering may also have a leather cover.

2017 Ford Troller T4 interior

2017 Ford Troller T4 – Engine Specs and Options:

 The engine of 2017 Ford Troller T4 may show the features like 1.5 engines. This engine will produce the torque equal to 347 lb/ft. It will also produce the 197 hp energy. The presence of additional or second engine is also possible. We can expect the 3.2 litre turbocharged engine with massive output of 350 lb/ft torque and 180 hp power. It will also possess four-wheel drive system. The engine will enjoy six speed manual transmissions system. We can expect the best value of fuel economy due to efficiency of this engine. The complete features of engine will be revealed after its final release in the market.

The fuel economy of this model is 18-20 mpg. The big competitors or rivals of 2017 Ford Troller T4 include 2016 Toyota FJ, jeep wrangler. The presence of advanced safety features is possible in the hood like airbags, seat belts, parking sensors, alarms and satellite navigation system. It may also possess cruise control system.

2017 Ford Troller T4 rear view

2017 Ford Troller T4 – Price and Release date:

The price of new Ford Troller T4 will be around 46,000 dollars. This vehicle may arrive in the market in 2016. The cost of this model is slightly higher than current model.

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