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2017 Ford Ka Interior, Specs

Posted: September 30, 2015 at 11:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Ford has published the latest press release about the manufacturing status of 2017 Ford Ka that is very near to be finished and sent to Geneva Auto Fair in the late of 2016. The great looking car belongs to the third generation that will be a super automotive of last twenty years in Europe. This has redesigned the exterior look and quite improved interior setting and manufacturing. It will invade market of Toyota Aygo that is a famous SUV sedan car in Europe.

2017 Ford Ka front view

2017 Ford Ka – Interior and Exterior Design:

The new Ford Ka will be in Europe auto markets very soon with a new interior design, shape and physical look at the back. Its rear side is hump formed that has an automatic door for cargo. Space between the seats under the roof is enough and airbags cover front passengers only. Internally, there are some modified systems like exhaust, climate control, automatic pre-collision, LED lamps, regenerative brakes and fuel warning. It is a suitable car for 5 passengers with leather cushioned seats and back for a comfortable drive.

The Ford Ka 2017 is little identical to 2016 model by the technology used, specs, interior hardware and safety measures. However, you can never call it totally restyled model. Anyway, 2017 Ford Ka carries many specs that increase the interest of Ford fans. It generally is equipped with solid alloy wheelbases with little wide and big dimension. Wider nylon and rubber tires are powerful to tolerate greater pressure and load during high speed. Strongest excels aid tires and wheelbases to rotate quicker. Headlamps are LED and greatly intensive for dark highways. Indicators are slightly outward and little up to tell followers the turn. Basically, 1..5 litter I-4 engine has been adopted from Fiesta that is one of the extremely selling car in Europe for past 3 years. Seat belts, warning systems, air conditioners, high power battery for start-up and airbags are rest of specs which Ford Ka 2017 will have.

2017 Ford Ka interior

2017 Ford Ka – Engine Options:

Engine specs are simple because 1.5 liters 4 cylinder diesel engine has been borrowed from Fiesta that has been a marvelous vehicle since 2012 to present. This engine unit has the capacity to produce about 75 horsepower and 136 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, 2017 Ford Ka will also have the second engine option 1.0 liter EcoBoost 3 cylinder with 94 horsepower output and 168 lb-ft of torque. Engine units are supported with 5-speed manual gearbox transferred to front-wheels.

When you look at the fuel economy of new Ford Ka, then definitely you cannot believe it, because its average mileage is 58 mpg that surprises everyone. Ford has used specific hybrid engine units in diesel and gasoline formats to make it a small Powertrain that suits everyone who needs economical, but the luxury car.

In this vehicle, the safety measures are common like seat belts, pre-accident or collision system, emergency brakes, two airbags for front travelers. This beautiful 2017 Ford Ka will give a tough time to Chevy, Chrysler, Honda, BMW X6, Toyota, Fiat and Lexus XR 2016.

2017 Ford Ka rear view

2017 Ford Ka – Release Date and Price:

It is being expected that 2017 Ford Ka will be introduced in Auto Fair Geneva 2016 and basic market price of this vehicle will be $14,000. However, customers have to pay $18,500 for Titanium trim level of Ford Kia.

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