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2017 Ford Kuga Release Date, Price

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The 2017 Ford Kuga is a concept model of the company that will lead SUV sedan car family in the entire world. It has also rounded hood that is flatter and very close to side borders of the car. A new outfit of Kuga 2017 will arrest the attention of customers along with superb features, specs, engine capacity and impressive mileage that is the utmost requirement of every auto buyer. The 2017 Ford Kuga will also have best entertainment options for travelers with LCD, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and navigation system.

2017 Ford Kuga front view

2017 Ford Kuga – Interior and Exterior Design

The capacity of 2017 Ford Kuga is for five passengers and it has enough cargo space at the back of an automatic door. Car externally has a motivating design with the tail look and rounded hood that is quite near to side door supports. Modified and restyled headlights, indicators, and lamps inside the cabin are best light sources that glitter with greater strength. You will see many new things under the hood like Wi-Fi option, Bluetooth connectivity, USB Ports for watching videos and listening songs or a big touch-screen LCD. The seat is little wider with airbags and auto security systems.

Technical specs of 2017 Ford Kuga are greater in numbers inside the traveling cabin, but there are some modified parts at an external body of this SUV car. The front grill is wider and redesigned with compare to 2015 model. Rear and front bumpers, tires, wheelbases, and lights are better than early versions of Ford SUV sedan cars. It has USB Ports, LCD with the touch screen, Bluetooth option, spy camera at the back, stereo sound system, park assistance function, satellite radio, traction controller, airbags, ample space for cargo, comfortable steering wheel, navigation system and regenerative pressure breaks. It will be equipped with 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine unit that will produce an output up to 181 hp and torque 250 Nm or 185 lb-ft.

2017 Ford Kuga interior


2017 Ford Kuga – Engine and Fuel Economy

This SUV car made by Ford is little up from the ground with a longer shape and eye-catching design. There are not too many information about the engine units which the company will use in 2017 Ford Kuga. However, it is expected strongly that the maker will prefer 1.6 liter EcoBoost engine that will generate 181 horsepower and 185 lb-ft torque that is 250 Nm. This output is little more than Ford Escape 2015. There are also many rumors that Ford is planning to use 1.5 liters EcoBoost additional engine for better performance, but this is not confirmed.

When you go through features and information about 2017 Ford Kuga, then you have to stay for a while over fuel economy. This Ford SUV car will yield 30 mpg inside the city area and on highways this mileage will reach to 37 mpg. So, it will suit to a small family and there will be not much fuel expenses.

This one is the best Ford SUV model that will have perfect safety arrangements like airbags for travelers, efficient emergency brakes, warning devices and some automatic security systems. It will be a tough competitor of some industry leading sedan cars in which Chrysler, Volvo, Fiat, Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Volkswagen and General are quite common. It is expected that 2017 Ford Kuga will also decrease sales of Fiesta in Europe after its arrival.

2017 Ford Kuga side view


2017 Ford Kuga – Release Date and Price

It is hoped that 2017 Ford Kuga will appear in Chicago Auto Show 2016 that is being waited for by the interested customers. Secondly, it will have $28,000 as an initial market price.

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