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2017 Ford C-Max Review

Posted: September 19, 2015 at 8:29 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Recently, the small cars with luxury functions have gained more attention in the auto markets. The vehicles coming with modern features always catch customer’s attention rapidly. There are concepts that Ford will launch new luxury cars for the family drive. Ford has contributed towards the automobile production is a great way. This company is famous for the modern features and technologies. The cars produced by this company always attract the customers quickly. There are updates that Ford will launch the 2017 Ford C-Max after finalizing the completion phase.

2017 Ford C-Max front view

2017 Ford C-Max – Exterior and Interior Design

It has been noticed that Ford customers are luck in the matter of car designing. Most of the vehicles launched by this company have an excellent design. The new 2017 Ford C-Max will present a new platform and structure. Aluminum is used for the low weight structure development.

The external features of new C-Max need quick attention. The company is very interested to deliver a unique set of functions and features according to the modern demands. The front has been designed with grill, headlights, bonnet and indicators. The grille is not truly Ford based. It is a new style with several large but horizontal openings. The headlights are large and covering both corners in a dominant way. Indicators are present with the headlights. The bonnet has two sleek curves on the margins. It is expected that Ford will use 18 inches tires with new design of aluminum alloy rims.

Interior decoration of 2017 Ford C-Max is luxurious and comfortable. Drivers will find it very spacious with a new gearbox, power steering, adjustable seating arrangements and leather upholstery. There are numerous luxury functions such as interior climate control, weather updates, navigation, Google maps, GPS, a large HD display (7 inches), 6 speakers, digital audio system and satellite radio. Bluetooth, USB, rear view camera, Wi-Fi and smart phone connectors are also present inside.

2017 Ford C-Max interior

2017 Ford C-Max – Engine Options

This new product will come with several engine options. The new Ford C-Max will bring an engine with 2.0 litters Atkinson technology. It will produce 141 hp with 129 lb ft torque. Ford is expected to introduce a new Solar Cell system. This will provide additional power to this rear wheel drive. There are strong updates that Ford has planned a Hybrid engine for this vehicle.

The new model Ford C-Max will cover at least 21 miles per gallon in the city. The high-speed drive will cover 28 miles per gallon.   The 2017 Ford C-Max will compete with the hybrid systems launched by the Toyota, Nissan and Jaguar. This will bring airbags, anti-theft locks, alarms and rearview cameras. The vehicle will be equipped with the modern door and window lock system. It also has automatic as well as manual locking systems.

2017 Ford C-Max rear view

2017 Ford C-Max – Release Date and Price

The 2017 Ford C-Max will be introduced in several countries including the USA, UK, Canada and China. The initial price of the luxury car will be $35,000 in USA. Detroit and Montreal Auto Shows are the most suitable venues for the first display.

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