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2017 Ford Bronco Interior, Price

Posted: September 19, 2015 at 8:48 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

It is expected that drivers will find a wide range of choices in future. Almost all the car manufacturers are planning in this direction. Ford is an amazing car manufacturer with a great technology history. This manufacturer is going to present a big fleet of cars very soon. With the passage of time, the Ford F-150 series got an amazing response from the public. Several SUV options introduced by the Ford are the part of elite vehicles present in the world. Ford is interested to keep it continue by introducing the new 2017 Ford Bronco. This will be a product for its elite customers.

2017 Ford Bronco Front view

2017 Ford Bronco – Design and Features

The designing of 2017 Ford Bronco is typically Ford based. A traditional Ford design has been utilized with the new platform. Improved structure and style will enable the fans to get something really fascinating.Ford will increase aluminum involvement with steel for the low weight structure.

The exterior features are 100 % Ford originated. This will be a complete new product for the viewers. It has got an amazing front giving it a new shape and look. The major components playing a vital role in shape making are the grille, headlights, bonnet, tires, rims and indicators. Grille is Bronco styled with two sectioned system (each with horizontal openings). Headlights are totally in new shape. Indicators are present between the two headlights (up and down, double headlights). The tires (18 inches) are produced for a powerful grip with stylish aluminum rims. Bonnet has two marginal curves to form a decent look.

Interior is equipped with the stylish features. There are modern functions and features lunched by the manufacturer. It is believed that Ford will try to keep interior more comfortable and luxurious. A new power steering, gearbox and seating arrangement are expected. A large HD touchscreen (8 inches) will be installed with 5 speakers and digital sound system. This SUV will serve the customers with automatic weather updates, interior temperature system, satellite radio, navigation, Google maps, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, USB, Smartphone connector and other modern features.

2017 Ford Bronco interior

2017 Ford Bronco – Engine and Fuel Economy

The new Ford Bronco will come 3 engine systems. Base engine is 4.7 liters with 6 cylinders to produce 330 hp and 546 lb ft torque. Second engine is 5.0 liters with 8 cylinders for 420 hp. The third engine will be 5.8 liters with 8 cylinders. It will be generated 662 hp and 631 lb ft torque. ZT-6 transmission will be used with 6 manual gearbox for this all-wheel drive. Optional rear wheel drive facility is also present.

The new Ford Bronco will cover 26 mpg in city and 30 mpg on highway. Competition is expected with Nissan, Audi and BMW. 2017 Ford Bronco will bring airbags, door and window locks, anti-theft alarms and rear view camera.

2017 Ford Bronco rear view

2017 Ford Bronco – Release Date and Price

The initial cost of this vehicle is still awaited. It will be introduced in USA, UK and China. 2017 Ford Bronco will appear in last months of 2017 in New York Auto show.

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